The installation of a green roof may be a tricky project to embark on, because it primarily depends on the architecture of a home.

Several options are available regarding the installation of a green roof. Among the available options available, the green living roof installation is among the most favored option for some. The green living roof which is well-known as “green roof”, comprises of a container having a waterproof membrane, plants and a growing medium. The system may also include other materials such as drainage setup, root barriers, and irrigation setup.

A flat roof is the preferred type of roof for the implementation of a green roof, but a steep roof can still be used once the right technique is implemented to make the installation process successful. A steep roof is also a delightful sight when green roof is successfully implemented on it, thereby making the plants positioned on the roof to be easily seen by onlookers and passersby.

The benefits of a green roof can be described below;

Improved house efficiency

A green roof helps to moderate the room temperature of a building. This makes it possible for house owners to reduce the cost of servicing cooling and heating systems.

Improved quality of air

The absorption of carbondioxide by plant in the environment makes green roof to be a valuable resource for air purification. Pollution is also treated when such roofs are used around busy streets and public environment. The oxygen released by the plants in the green roof, helps to improve the ecosystem and enhance healthy living.

A habitat for wild life

Those quirky sounds and noticeable movement experienced on a green roof all form part of the attraction some experience regarding the use of a green roof, and apart from the sight of some birds, butterflies, there are beneficial insects that are helpful to the environment- serving such purposes as pollination and other important contributions.

Appealing appearance

A green roof increases the aesthetic value of a building. The gorgeous look that comes from the sight of an eco-roof, especially roofs with steep slopes, serves as a form of attraction, thereby increasing the re-sale value of a property.

What You Need To Know Before Installing A Green Roof

There are certain considerations to work with in the installation of a green roof, just as described below;

Good Maintenance Schedule

Having a good maintenance schedule ensures that your roof is organized with an appealing appearance. By maintaining the roof, every component of the roof can be properly placed in the right condition and state. The need for the replacement or repair of the root barriers and waterproof membrane may be noticed during a maintenance schedule.

Steep or Flat roof

It is important to take into consideration the steepness of a roof, if a roof is very steep, then it becomes more difficult to implement a green roof. Therefore, a house owner need not be swayed by the bogus claims of an engineer who may be solely interested in sealing a deal with you as long as your money pays for the unsuccessful project.

Roof Gardener

As part of the efforts towards ensuring that the green roof maintains the best possible outlook, the need for a roof gardener becomes obvious, a roof gardener understands the technique involved in keeping the plants in the right form and also handling the delicate parts of the roof in the right pattern. Also, engaging a roof gardener proves vital because a professional hand is needed to make the necessary adjustment for unusual weather, small earth movement, and changes in temperature.

In conclusion, new green living roof designs are becoming part of the trendy designs presently available, with benefits that rival that of the traditional roofing system. You can get in touch with us and we will gladly provide the needed assistance you need in developing a nice green roof.

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